Pediatric Anesthesiology
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Pediatric Anesthesiology

Dr. Kern recognizes the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, and this extends to pediatric anesthesia. Chesapeake Urology for Children works with senior pediatric anesthesiologists with combined decades of experience, for whom compassionate and safe care is the #1 priority. Often, for outpatient procedures for children, anesthesia is the most important component of the surgical experience, and this is reflected in the importance placed on having the best-possible pediatric anesthesia team available.

What is a Pediatric Anesthesiologist?

At Chesapeake Urology for Children, we work with the region’s leading pediatric anesthesiologists who are specially trained in the surgical care of infants and children. Together with Dr. Kern and the pediatric team, the pediatric anesthesiologist plans the safest anesthesia experience for each child. Our experts understand that children are not adults and require specialized care in the operating room.

Meet Our Pediatric Anesthesiologists

Our experienced anesthesiologists review a patient’s medical history and understand their conditions. In surgery, they monitor a child’s vital signs, dosage of anesthesia for pain control and sedation, and ensure a safe and comfortable experience before, during, and after a surgical procedure.

Additionally, we offer specialized pediatric services including physical therapy and pediatric ultrasound.

Parents are encouraged to call our center with any questions or to arrange for a pre-surgical tour of the operating suite with your child.

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