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Welcome to Chesapeake Urology for Children

Dr. Adam Kern, Chesapeake Urology for Children



This is the philosophy of Adam Kern, M.D., Director of Pediatric Urology at Chesapeake Urology for Children, a comprehensive pediatric urology program that cares for urologic issues in children, from the common to the complex. Dr. Kern is one of the foremost fellowship-trained pediatric urologists in the Mid-Atlantic region and the program is complemented by a team of dedicated urologists, nurses, pediatric sonographers, pediatric anesthesiologists, surgical staff, medical assistants, and office staff – all with the goal of providing comprehensive, gentle and personal care to pediatric patients throughout the region.

Chesapeake Urology for Children covers the urologic needs of pediatric patients throughout the greater Maryland region, providing specialized urologic care for children, from pre-birth and infants through adolescents.

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Open, Honest Communication is Key

Chesapeake Urology for Children takes a team approach to care. Dr. Kern, along with the program’s entire pediatric urology team, believes strongly in open and honest communication between staff, patients and parents, creating an environment of trust and compassionate care that is the hallmark of the program’s patient care philosophy.

The team understands that any health issue concerning a child is not only stressful and frightening for the patient, but also for the parents, which is why Dr. Kern and his team emphasize education, understanding, an open dialogue and a personal approach to care. As part of this open communication, not only are parents encouraged to ask questions, but the team takes the time to explain complex conditions on a level that younger children can understand. Children are always encouraged to ask questions and discuss any concerns with Dr. Kern and the staff.

“Children are not simply little adults,” says Dr. Adam Kern. “At Chesapeake Urology for Children, we recognize the unique needs of children, and everything we do keeps these needs in mind.”


A Dedicated Pediatric Surgery Center

For patients who require surgery, Chesapeake Urology’s Summit Ambulatory Surgery Center at Columbia provides the most advanced surgical environment and technology coupled with an atmosphere designed with children in mind. From sheets that kids can color on and kid-friendly gowns and slippers to flavored lip balms kids can choose for a fun smelling surgical  mask, the surgical team is committed to making a child’s experience as comfortable as possible.

Additionally, we offer specialized pediatric services including physical therapy, pediatric anesthesiology, and pediatric ultrasound.

Experience the Difference

Chesapeake Urology for Children’s office in Columbia, MD is equipped with age-appropriate books, movies, and toys to help patients and parents alike feel more at ease in an environment that caters not just to the medical needs of kids, but to the emotional needs as well.

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